Support Team

Paula J. Davis

Owner and Financial Officer in charge of all accounting policy and procedures.

David Davis Senior

V.P. Operations
Sales, Maintenance, Greenhouse care and production facilities with extensive experience in interior horticulture.

Danny Fitzpatrick

Senior horticulture technician

Tom Tolbert

Senior Horticultural Technician has  been working in the horticulture industry for over thirty years.  He brings expertise in areas of outside landscaping.

Weekly Support, Service and Diagnostics

We are proactive, and deliberate in our maintenance techniques.

Weekly, I or a member of the Modern Plant Concepts staff will visit your facility to service the plants. Those service will include: picking, trimming, shining, watering, fertilizing and rotating plants as is necessary to maintain the beauty of the installation.

The most difficult part of what we do is explaining why a perfectly good looking plant would need to be replaced.

Because we are so proactive, and deliberate in our maintenance techniques we have one of the lowest plant loss ratios in our industry. This is why our maintenance service is priced so affordable.

Also, in rare occasions when a plant needs to be sprayed for some type of insect problem it is done offsite limiting liability issues.

Call: +1 915 594 3617