Modern Plant Concepts takes great pride in offering the El Paso and surrounding community the opportunity to purchase high quality plant material at an affordable price.

Plant Services

The modern plant Interiorscape company does more than 'splash and dash'. With a design team with over a jundred years of experience we can transform your offices into 'Green Building'.

Plant Leasing

We decided to help our customers by adding plant leasing service to our product line. The lease cost is in direct proportion to the purchase price of the plant material.

Featured Client

The Patio
When asked to help design and develope an ambiance these were the touches that made this restaurant a true standout of all the restaurants in El Paso.

Weekly Services

  • Caring
    Weekly I or a member of our trained staff will pick, trim, shine, fertilize, water, and replace existing plants as necessary to maintain the beauty of the plants....
  • Consistency
    It is a long belief that plants need to have a weekly ritual. Just like people require scheduled nourishment on a regular basis so do plants. That is why we attempt to not deviate from one week to the next the time, the day the plants are serviced...
  • Competence
    Our staff have been hand selected for their caring attitude which enables us to go the extra mile when servicing your plants. If plants require greenhouse time to recoup, we accomodate. Whatever the plant need to survive and thrive is what we provide....
  • Confidentiality
    As with any plant service company our total focus is on our plants and because of this focus our customers entrust us with access to their homes and their businesses....

Philosophy on Services

Our key to success is 4 C's Caring, Consistency, Competance, Confidentiality - MPC staff are selected by our plants an the manner that they cared for respond to our employees -Our staff is chosen by how well our plants respond to their care. Consistency- Many of our customers marvel at the timeliness of our visits. Usually within minutes of the prior week. Competance- Trained in Interiorscape with a specific goal of attaining customer satisfaction. Confidentiality-Whether in an office or a home our staff respects the customers privacy, focusing totally on the welfare of the plant material.